Pulse8’s Strength & Conditioning (S&C) classes have been programmed specifically to allow the general population to experience the highest quality of resistance training. Using proven scientific methods, our university-trained coaches will guide you toward achieving your strength goals by utilizing the most efficient programs suited to you. Our methods are not only effective but are safe, and you will never complete a lift without our coaches’ supervision.

No matter what level of experience you have in the gym, our coaches will design a program that is specified to your capabilities, promising you will always leave the gym feeling better and more educated than when you walked in


**Before attending Strength & Conditioning class you must have completed a full movement screening and program consultation with one of our S&C trainers. To book in a time please email [email protected] or call Cory Hargrave on 0431 759 64  


Pulse8’s “Strength and Conditioning” classes aim to improve muscular strength and movement patterns. When signing up to S&C you’ll receive a personalised program that will work in junction with our other classes to allow you to find the best training program to suit your fitness goals.

At Pulse8 our S&C classes have been carefully programmed to assist anyone among the general population and sporting community in improving strength and movement.  Our methods involve aspects of strength, hypertrophy, mobility, stability and conditioning targeting fat loss. Our aim is to design a program that’s specifically suited to providing you with a better overall performance and wellbeing.

  • You are required to complete a personal screening training session BEFORE starting your first class. This session can be booked for any time and you will receive 60% off if completed in your week trial.
  • The classes require a book in system at the start of each week, this allows us to plan the correct number of trainers for each session. Please contact our head of strength and conditioning for details on how to book in (details at top of page).
  • Finally, please let our trainers know if you are coming into the classes with any injuries or niggles. We can always arrange for you to train one way or another, but we need to know if you are restricted in any w

Functional strength is our ability to use the correct muscles to perform certain movements.
Whether your carrying the groceries to your car, picking up a box from the floor, or simply sitting in a chair, there are optimal movement patterns you should perform to ensure your joints remain healthy and stable.
. Unfortunately for many of us, we don’t often move in the correct way or use the correct muscles when doing these things. This often leads to injury or ongoing soreness in muscles/joints which can restrict our everyday living.

By completing the correct strength training programs, your body will start moving the way it should, using the correct muscles to stabilize certain areas of the body, therefor reducing the risk of any injury ever occurring, and improve the functioning of our everyday life.

Conditioning training can be used for a variety of purposes depending on your desired outcome. During Pulse8’s S&C classes the Conditioning component focuses primarily on fat loss, using specific work/rest ratios to allow for this to occur.

The classes are made up of 30 minutes of strength and mobility exercises and 15 minutes of conditioning. The strength component focuses on full compound (full body) lifting, assisting with upper body and lower body core stabilizing exercises. The conditioning component uses HIIT training to target mainly fat loss but also trains your muscles to work under fatigue.

YES and/or NO!!

This is totally dependent on how your training session is programmed. Speak to one of our trainers and tell us your goals. We can manipulate your session to allow for either!

Your Nervous System!

To put this as simply as possible….. Imagine your body is just one big ball of muscle and bone, your nervous system controls all of this. When we perform strength training, we are training our nervous system to recruit higher percentages of muscle during certain movements. We are not building more muscle when we do this, just using the muscles we already have more efficiently.