Cory Hargrave

Education:Bachelor of Sport Science (Exercise Science)

Email:[email protected]

Phone:0431 759 645

Cory Hargrave

Director - Strength and Conditioning


Cory began his Strength and Conditioning journey back in 2014 where he began his Bachelor’s degree in Sport Science at Victoria University. At this time Cory worked as a sports science consultant where he trained athletes in sport specific strength + power training programs and had 3 years working with athletes at amateur and elite sporting levels.

Cory’s coaching passion is in athletic development. Having trained elite athletes in AFL, Boxing, MMA, Baseball and College football, Cory’s thorough knowledge of S&C has seen him as a well sourced performance coach, receiving many clients from rural Victoria.

Since joining Pulse8 Centre in 2018, Cory’s clientele has extended to also assisting clients among the general population and injury rehabilitation. Using his vast knowledge of sport science Cory created our unique Pulse8 strength and conditioning program, which has seen people of all training levels partake and improve in their strength goals. Working closely alongside our physiotherapists, Cory programs all Pulse8’s injury rehabilitation clients, and has a successful history in improving lower back and shoulder injuries.

Always putting his clients first, Cory’s goal as a trainer is to always have his clients leave his sessions in a better condition than before they came in. His main philosophy is that “the more educated the athlete/client is, the better their overall performance will be”.